ALL Servicing is carried out in line with
“AWS /  National Caravan Council”
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We cover a 20 mile radius from our East Renfrewshire base.


UK Servicing/Repairs



If your leaving your Caravan

on Site/Storage

and need a Mobile Service, then we can help.

We can also supply & fit Motor Movers   


Remember We Travel to You, saving you time and expense.  


Even though you may not tow your caravan, we recommend a Safety Check,

a Habitation Service - checks your Gas; Electrics; Appliances; Floor Delamination

and provides a FREE Damp Report.  


A Full Service includes a Habitation Service & your Chassis - takes approx 4hrs



Remember the ‘Golden Rules’  For safe towing of caravans etc.
• Fit the correct tyres.
• Tyres must be in good condition.
• Tyre pressures must be correctly maintained using an accurate tyre pressure gauge.
• Do not overload.
• Check your tyres regularly for any signs of damage and remove from the tread any stones, etc.
• Drive the combination at reasonable (‘comfortable’) speeds – within the speed limits.
• Rapid manoeuvres must be avoided, e.g. sudden overtaking or lane changing.
• Good driving practice, with or without a caravan, includes intelligent anticipation of such moves.
• Respect the car and caravan manufacturer’s recommendations, at all times.
CLICK Leaflet below  for Caravan Fire Safety LINK
The tips in this leaflet will help keep your family and caravan safe from fire.
Home.Movers.Prices.Contact Us.Order Form.Info/Links.
This was caused by a Gas Leak on a fridge!


Find yourself in the position that you have no time to get your caravan serviced in the UK,

why not link up with us in France or Spain while you are on holiday, a full service takes approx 4hrs.


You don’t even need to take the awning down, just take out the pegs, so that the caravan can be jacked up for the chassis service.


You can relax in the sun, go to the beach or catch up a bit of shopping,

when you return the certified service is complete including damp report.

Easy, Convenient, Cost Effective - we travel to you.


If we are fully booked, maybe one of our colleagues can help.