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Euro Caravan Services

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What should I look for in a caravan insurance policy?

It's important that you protect your investment against certain risks, such as being stolen, storm damage and accidental damage.

Most insurers provide new for old cover for caravans under five years old. This means that if your caravan is stolen and not recovered, or damaged beyond repair, your insurer will replace it with a new van. Make sure you include the cost of replacing kit such as awnings, security systems and gas bottles when you take out new for old cover.

Security is an important factor to an insurer and most give a discount for security features like alarms and immobilisers, axle locks, wheel clamps and trackers.

If you have an awning, you will need storm damage cover. Check before you buy as some policies exclude storm damage to awnings.

If you plan on travelling in Europe your insurance policy should include European cover. This gives you the same level of insurance cover that you have in the UK when you travel in Europe. Most insurers will give you 90 days free cover as standard, you may then have to pay for further cover.

You may want to include personal effects cover on your policy. This will cover you if you take anything with you from home on your holiday.

If your caravan is stolen and not recovered or it gets so damaged it can’t be used, it would be handy to have emergency accommodation expenses cover. You would get a set amount of money for a defined number of days (for example £50 for 10 days) to cover some of the cost of alternative accommodation.

Caravan security and your insurance

As good security can mean a big discount on your caravan insurance, we've put together some info on caravan security to help you decide what would be best for your caravan.

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