ECS travel  South to North of France in (Spring/Autumn), Summer in UK, Winter in Spain
Customer places enquiry via the ECS website ORDER form TAB. (choose Enquiry or Order) This form gives all the info required.
Service Prices listed are inclusive but Excl parts / mileage fee if applicable. If you are not on one of the main seasonal base sites the engineer is staying on for a few days then a mileage contribution Fee may apply (min £35).
Nb. We do not charge for additional travel time or overnight stays  if required.

Other - Removal / Replacement of Caravan covers during service £20. Excessive Goods removal at Engineers discretion POA
ECS acknowledge receipt within 24hrs and the system automatically populates the appropriate country diary once the order has been confirmed. You will be given an estimated month of when we plan to be in the region based on previous years.
When each seasons diary closes, usually a few days before departure, the Engineer's travel itineraries are set, customers & campsites are advised of our ETA, give or take a few days either side of the ETA dates given. This allows for any weather delays or helping additional customers on route. Apologies we are unable to take fixed dates due to logistics/weather.
During the Service it is the (Customers Choice) whether to be present or not, however, it is not necessary to be on site as long as the Storage provider has ALL access keys incl wheel locks. A typical service for 1 engineer can take up to 4+hrs.
Removal of Personal Items - Would be good, but it is not necessary to remove all contents (usually there are chairs; tables; waste tank; sat dish etc. left in middle of caravan - when in storage), we will move items as required to gain access to all areas covered in the service. We carefully move the necessary items and place back where we found them.  
Disclaimer -  ECS take no responsibility for any damage to such items  Note: There may be a charge for this if the goods stored are excessive.
While the service is in progress, if any major faults are found the customer is contacted and if we have the part on board to fix and customer agrees to the quote + we have the time, then the fault is repaired.  Repairs start from £40 excl parts.

NB It always works out more economical to have any faults fixed while the engineer is on site, saves a waiting until the following season plus the caravan is then ready for use. We carry most general stock for the common faults of wear & tear.    
Pl advise - If you want to change over to a French Gas bottle or SSteel hose. We stock various country adapters.
Service is completed, replacement parts are left in caravan for customer to view/dispose (usually one shot nuts and gas hose if required) along with the master signed service documentation.
(If the Service Book is left out it will be stamped)
On completion - Caravan is made secure again, keys are then returned to site owner.
Admin/Finance - When the office receives a copy of the reports they are converted into a PDF for customers to view, these are emailed along with our invoice for payment - Bacs (bank transfer) preferred - we do not accept cards sorry. Payment Types - Bacs / Cash preferred or UK Cheque  

If you have not received an electronic Invoice within a month of the agreed service date, please let us know, and we ask that you pay on the master soft copy left in your caravan.  On receipt of payment, we will acknowledge receipt when we complete our banking duties.

Unfortunately, Banks do not always display customer names or Invoice refs, we therefor ask that you email us your transaction date so we may marry up your file.  Thank you.
Motor Movers
If you order a Motor Mover, as part of our Company policy we ask that the funds be deposited into our account before we place the order with our manufactures. The customer has the choice of paying fitting charges before or after fitting/handover is completed. Goods are normally delivered direct from the Factory to either the customers UK address FOC - for the customer to deliver to site or if  preferred  delivered direct to France/Spain  + carriage from £100.
Customer Service records are held on file for 5 years, then destroyed.  We DO NOT disclose any information to third parties without Customers consent. The Service database will  auto generate an annual reminder each season, if you do not wish a reminder then pl advise. When receiving the reminder all we ask is that you please acknowledge it so we may complete our travel itinerary.
Tip. WEB - Please change your password regularly when on open non secure Public wifi sites to avoid hackers stealing your contacts list, we get several bogus emails every season, which we delete. We recommend for safe surfing.
If you are thinking of selling your caravan at any point in the future, pl let us know we may have someone looking for one. We are always being asked - NB. we do not take commission, you deal direct. Alternatively if you are thinking of buying a second-hand caravan, we offer a pre inspection report where the service history is lost and you need peace of mind. Many of our customers come to us too late and think they have picked up a bargain. Cheaper to get the right caravan than repair/replace items later. As you may already be aware the Leisure industry Caravan/Motohome parts are expensive to replace.

Tip. Tyres need replaced every 7 years (less if signs of damage), pl check seals & openings for water ingress, is the floor spongy - Possible floor delamination. All can be fixed but will add to the price of your new pride and joy.
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